Sports Card Therapist

Sports Card Therapist

Rob G. is a licensed psychotherapist that just happens to be a sports card collector. Rob will discuss todays sports card market, along with who is trending and the value of your cards.

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Ep 184: The Roundtable Recap

June 5, 2023

Season 4, episode 34: On this episode, Rob brings Ken from Sports Card Lessons to discuss the this seasons batch of roundtable episodes. Rob will also be taking one week off from new episodes to give you a chance to go back…

Ep 183: The Dumpster Fire Roundtable w/ Koonce, MamaBreaks, Tim (SlabStrong), and Sean

June 2, 2023

Season 4, episode 33: On this episode, Rob brings aboard some hobby heavyweights to discuss whatever it is that comes up. With no direction, the conversation can go anywhere. The hobby, market, high end dropping and counte…

Ep 182: Card Art Roundtable

May 31, 2023

Season 4, episode 32: On this episode, Rob brings on Tommy @TheCardCarver and Sheehan @FinalCutsDesign to discuss the niche collector space of Card Art. We discuss 'what is card art' along with the highs and lows of creatin…

Ep 181: High End Cards Roundtable w/ Travis & Ben

May 29, 2023

Season 4, episode 31: On this episode, Rob brings on Travis and Ben, who high end collectors who play for keeps.

Ep 180: Signed In-Person Autos Roundtable

May 26, 2023

Season 4, episode 30: On this episode, Rob brings Mike, SashaP, and Stephen on the podcast to talk about the underground, gritty world of in person autographs on cards.

Ep 179: 90s Basketball Inserts Roundtable

May 24, 2023

Season 4, episode 29: On this roundtable, Rob brings on basketball card royalty with Jonathan the Basketball Card Guy, Jake from 90s Bball Cards, and Bryan from Cajun Cardboard!